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The Importance of Living in a Clean & Healthy Environment

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Environmental conservation is the daily healthy living mantra in this era of global warming. Indeed, the importance of living in an eco-friendly environment cannot be overemphasized if the number of deaths from environment-related illnesses is anything to go by. In this article, we will highlight the importance of living in a clean and healthy environment.

living roomEnsuring Peaceful Coexistence with Neighbors

Everybody loves living in a clean and healthy environment. Therefore, if you live in a clean and healthy environment, everyone will be attracted to your home like moths to flames. You will make new friends and live happily with your neighbors, other factors remaining constant.

Enjoying the Peace of Mother Nature

The tranquility of nature only presents itself perfectly in a clean and healthy environment. In this type of environment, fresh air soothes the souls of human beings and animals, and the self-sustaining ecosystem is uninterrupted. Every creature lives its life to the fullest and produces at the optimum level. No wonder recent studies have shown that people who spend a lot of time in the natural world are happier and smarter than those who do not.

Proper Growth & Development

The quality of the life you live is highly dependent on your surroundings. If you live in an unhealthy environment, you do not expect to live your life to the fullest. Even your pets and domestic animals will not grow properly. A clean and healthy environment inspires proper growth and development in animals and plants. In particular, pregnant women and children need to stay in a clean environment more than anyone else.

Promoting Financial Stability

It has been said that health is wealth. The more trips you make to the hospital because of living in an unhealthy environment the more money you lose. Living in a clean and healthy environment keeps the doctor away. In some countries, you may also be charged heavily for living in an unhealthy environment since this type of environment also interferes with the health of other human beings.

nice white houseKeeping Diseases at Bay

Disease-causing germs love dirty and stuffy environments. For instance, mosquitoes love pools of stagnant water while flies love decaying matter. Dustbins are homes to millions of disease-causing germs. In general, dirty environments provide a conducive environment for the growth and multiplication of disease-causing organisms. These organisms hardly thrive in a clean environment. Therefore, living in a clean and healthy environment is living a disease-free life.

Promoting Longevity

Everyone yearns for long life. A healthy environment will help you live longer by keeping diseases at bay. In fact, all the aforementioned advantages of living in a clean and healthy environment promote longevity. It is God who gives life, but in general, if you are to live long, you need to be healthy, financially stable and happy. A clean and healthy environment will help you achieve all these and more.

How to Lose Weight Naturally


Do you feel that you have put on a few pounds in the recent months? If you have found yourself putting on weight, you may be looking for a way to lose weight easily and quickly. You are not alone in this endeavor as there are many others around the world trying every possible way to get rid of excess weight.


Today’s modern world has brought people to eat fast and processed food on a glesrvhe;hkdaily basis. What we do not realize is that even though this food may taste amazing, they ae packed with calories, carbs and sugar. These are prime contributors to adding fat to your belly.

It is not only adults who are obese now as child obesity is growing fast too. One thing to remember is that you do not have to be obese to keep your weight down.

How to know if you are overweight?

If you want to know if you are overweight, check your Body Mass Index (BMI), This will help you know what the average weight is for people in your age and height group. You can do this on your own by using an online calculator, or you can visit your doctor and ask him to tell you.

lg;jogHow to lose weight naturally

If you want to get in shape and get rid of the excess fat, you will have to find a way that is suitable for you. The ideal methods would be to eat a healthy balanced diet and start on an exercise regimen that will help you get back to your ideal weight. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to go to a gym or workout at home. If you are a person, who has no time you may want to try a weight loss supplement.

What are weight loss supplements

There are natural supplements on the market these days that will help you control your appetite and also assist your body in losing weight. These products are made with natural herbs and plants and have no significant side effects. You can buy them online or from a chemist, but you must make sure they are from a reputable manufacturer. Do not buy products that promise next day weight loss as this may be impossible and even be harmful to your health.

How To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight


There are a lot of facts, stories, and myths about quitting smoking. The most important thing for you to quit smoking without gaining weight is the approach you use. Quitting smoking is not something that can happen overnight. You have to plan properly for a systematic approach that will help you achieve your goal of quitting smoking without gaining weight. The planning should involve setting aside the additional time you will spend exercising and how you will implement a healthy eating plan.

Tips on how to quit smoking without gaining weight

  • Drink plenty of water

reh546jyu57dtryjYour target should be to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. More water will help in keeping your body hydrated and make you feel full. If you feel the urge to smoke or to crave for unhealthy foods or snacks, refocus your mind and go for a glass of water.

  • Choose the right snacks

When you start your journey to quit smoking, expect your snacking to increase. This is because your cigarettes are likely to be substituted with snacks. Therefore plan for healthy snacks, such as fruit snacks, vegetable snacks, potato snacks, almond snacks, in limited quantities. Avoid unhealthy starches and sugar because they contain high levels of sugar. Be prepared to have these snacks ready so that whenever you start craving for smoking sensation, take out your snacks and enjoy.

  • Get involved in regular physical activities

reh546j5yugt7otThese activities will increase your metabolism rate thus burning more fats. You should start with simple exercises that you love so that you can get motivated to continue exercising. If you cannot exercise alone at home, join a group or gym near you. Some of the recommended exercises include swimming, running/jogging, walking, cycling/biking, stretching, yoga, push-ups, pull-ups, and much more.

Another advantage of physical activity is that it will keep you active and busy, eliminating or minimizing the idle time you could start craving for a cigarette. Chances are also high that when you start quitting smoking, your food intake will increase. This is likely to increase the amount of excess fats in the body. But you should not worry about this if you are exercising regularly because all these fats will be burnt.

Most importantly is that you have to be ready to face challenges that are associated with quitting smoking without weight gain. Set your mind that the journey ahead is not easy and motivate yourself that you will make it.