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People keep pets at home and take them as their best friends. However, this friendship may start stumbling if the pets develop allergens. The allergens are triggered by shedding dander, which is a combination of hair and dead skin cells. If you are a person with allergies, you will not enjoy the company of your pets when they have allergens. In order to create a comfortable environment for the entire family, you have to find ways on how to reduce pet allergens at home. It is possible to reduce pet allergens if you apply the suitable approach.

Different ways of reducing pet allergens at home

Keep the pets away from the couches

couchesIf you want to reduce allergens at your home, be ready to keep pets away from the couches. When pets get on the couches, they easily shed off dander and fur that stick on them and later cause allergic reactions. You have to train your pets so that they can be disciplined enough to avoid couches as much as possible. Besides couches, keeps your pets away from the carpet.

Maintain a clean home

You should clean your home regularly so as to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness possible. The cleaning must be done using effective, environmental friendly and non-toxic products to ensure that your home surfaces are well sterilized. If the pets cannot keep off the couches, you will have to use changeable covers, which you have to clean more frequently.

Bathe your pets and clean their cages often

Cleaning your pets frequently will reduce allergens in their dander. Use an appropriate shampoo and ensure that you clean the pet properly. It is recommended to clean your pets at least two times a week. For their cages, clean them at least once per week. Cleaning cages prevent the pets’ urine and dander from triggering asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Also remember to clean their litter boxes.

Reduce contact with your pets

petsTry to keep the pets outdoors most of the time. This will reduce dander found in the home. If possible, prevent the pets from entering bedrooms. You should also exclude kids with allergies from touching or fondling pets. You can also reduce pet allergens in your home by confining puts in rooms with wood floorings.

You should also frequently wash or vacuum any materials or fabrics that your pets come in contact with. This should include cushions, pet beds, blankets, pillows and throw rugs. This will reduce the quantity of dander found in your home.

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