How to Minimize the Consequences of Depression for Women

With today’s work environment allowing for 24-hour accessibility, it’s not surprising that more and more people are working longer hours. However, these long hours are now being linked to mental health issues, especially among women. There is a source that published an observational study published online says that women or work or more than 55 hours weekly experienced more depressive symptoms than those who are working regular hours.

Researchers in the study are anticipating their findings to promote businesses to begin making progress on psychosocial work demands. Women can also help themselves to minimize the consequences of depression:

Observe Balance


Observing balance is challenging in today’s economy, where many people experience job and financial insecurity. Make sure you take a break from the office to use your vacation time to unwind and release some stress. A lot of people don’t always use their vacation time because they think you want to take a vacation and shut down completely. For times when you’re not on vacation, keep in mind how you spend your time at home. If you have to work on the weekends, tell yourself you’re only going to do work, status, three hours a day, and the rest of the day you’re going to spend with your loved ones.

Request for Help

Look for ways to divide responsibilities outside work. Let your spouse know: I was hoping you could make yourself free after laundry and make sure there’s food in the table while I’m working. If you can’t rely …